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Brendan Quigley here, the person behind Quigley Designs. 

I'm an entrepreneur with a number of different project on the go, like any business it has its ups and downs, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I started Quigley Designs because I was looking for a non-computer related hobby that I could turn into income. (Which is really ironic - but I'll get to that in a min)

I traveled a ton when I was younger for example, I lived 2 years in Ireland as a child, 8 months in Spain during a study abroad program and cycled across Australia with my best friend one summer. 

Growing up I also had a number of businesses, from running a road side Chip Truck for 3 seasons to a full service marketing agency. 

During University I become obsessed with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) which is basically digital map making. Which lead to the idea of carved wooden maps. 

This site is here to do a few things, but the most important one is to document my journey from the idea phase - to actually carving a map. Secondly it is to sell what I carve and to fund the process through dropshipping and affiliates (I'll share how I do that also).

The Goal

The overall goal is to create a system that allows me to translate high quality GIS data into a surface carved into wood. 

In order to carve maps into wood I'll be using a a mix between GIS and a CNC Machine.  

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If you like this, and want to help out all I ask is that you comment below and show your support. 

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